We ordered our long awaited second ambulance today. This ambulance is Mahindra Supra model of Mahindra Company. The total cost of this ambulance is 9 lakh 43 thousand rupees.

Due to long delays, we have been forced to cancel our pre-ordered Eco Maruti Ambulance.

We hope the state-of-the-art ambulance service will help us to improve our service. The ambulance is fully Air-conditioned and the ambulance has a lot of space and four more people can go with the patient.

After purchasing our first ambulance in 2009 (Donated by our well wisher Dr. Sukhendu Barua, USA), we were able to buy this ambulance again with your help and best wishes. Our benevolent well wisher Ms. Tanushree Guha of London has helped us in every possible way in this regard.

We hope to receive this ambulance in the next two weeks. Then on an auspicious day we will officially launch this ambulance service.