Maybe we haven’t been serious about it so far. Along with many other problems, people of all ages have faced great difficulties in this matter due to Covid. Especially older people. Especially men are the ones who suffer the most. Yes, we are talking about hair and beard cutting. First the lockdown due to the corona and the closure of various salons in the neighborhood, then the lockdown went up but there is a fear among the people, the fear of getting infected.
Doctors are also forbidding people to go out and go to salons now. Even before Corona came, this problem was there especially for the elderly, especially those elderly who are bedridden. Many arranged local salon barbers at home to cut their hair and beards. But the ‘corona’ situation has created obstacles on that arrangement also. Because most of the saloons in Kolkata were staffed by youths from Bankura, Burdwan, Purulia and South 24 Parganas. And most of them have returned to the country due to lockdown and corona. Many saloons are closed. So the older people are in deeper trouble.
This is not only a matter of care or cleanliness from hair or beard cutting, but also an integral health issue.
As per doctor’s point of view it can range from itching to fungal infections and even complex skin problems if long-term hair is not shaved. In some cases, older people may be more prone to complications. Not only that, this can also affect mental health, which can even lead to depression in older people. So the common man will surely understand that this issue cannot be taken lightly.
Considering the importance of this issue,
On January 1, the 14th year of their home service, ‘Banchbo’ – first voluntary organization in eastern India to provide 24 x 7 home based health care services to the elderly more than a decade, is launching the first organized “Salon at Home” service for seniors in the heart of the city. This service is starting with a package of 500 rupees for cutting hair and beard four times a month at an affordable price. Other services can be availed outside of this and at affordable prices. Keeping in mind the Corona situation, the service is being launched following all the rules and precautions. Initially, our organization will start with 450 registered active senior members, but later it plans to extend the service to the elderly in the entire city of Kolkata.
In addition to the support of the elderly, such services will also provide employment opportunities to many unemployed youth in the future.