At a time when public life was almost stagnant, schools were closed, studies and so on, the developed school of ‘Banchabo’ in the Sundarbans was not closed. Do not think that the taboo is being broken through physical presence. Rather, it is exactly the way our children in Kolkata are running an online school. Out of a total of 52 students, 49 have been added through WhatsApp. Through their parents or neighbors. Our teachers have kept in touch with the other three.

Teachers from Sundarbans and Kolkata are taking classes at specific times every day by setting up a WhatsApp group for each class. At first it was very difficult. This new system, which is not true of many people in our city, is not a good thing to bring them under the management of the marginal Sundarbans. There is a way if you do not want to have those words. That’s it. Now they are all Sargar. Just evaluate what is being studied and continue in this manner.

We have always insisted that children develop holistically. That is why the name of the school is also ‘developed’. And even at this time, in spite of many obstacles, teaching music and drawing is going on in parallel with online study. This song in the video is a reflection of that effort. What does a silent revolution say?

salute to that every teacher in a developed school is raising our children in the midst of so many obstacles and only through the power of will. The credit for this must go to Mrs. Kuhu Chowdhury, whose tenacity or perseverance in this matter is truly exemplary.

Thank you to those who have supported us in this fight in various ways. Really a fight, a silent revolution ..