On 2nd October, a get-together and discussion meeting of the doctors of Banchbo Healing Touch was held at Cafe Adda Ghar in Hindustan Park. In the meeting, all the associated doctors and officials of the organization discussed how to make the services of the elderly more professional, attractive and better in coming future.Chief Medical Advisor Dr. A. K. Roychowdhury was present as the chief guest on the occasion.On this event, all the doctors and all concerned were felicitated by ‘Banchbo’ for their outstanding contribution during the Covid period.
At the end of the program, a short musical program was organized by ‘Gaanpeon’.
The physicians who attended the event:
Dr. Rama Guha
Dr. G. C. Mondal
Dr. Ujjawal Mukherjee
Dr. Dhires Kumar Chowdhury
Dr. Rivu Basu
Dr. Arijit Das
Dr. Pritam Roy
Dr. Debolina Dey Das
Although they could not be present, Dr. Kartick Nasipuri and Dr. Swarnapali Maity sent their greetings.
The officials and medical staffs who attended the event:
Mr. Tapan Sen
Mr. Samir Kumar Dasgupta
Mr. Asim Pain
Mrs. Sonali Sen
Mr. Sushil Sharma
Mrs. Kuhu Chowdhury
Mr. Apurba Ghosh
Mr. Shantabrata Chowdhury
Ms. Lakshmi Soren
Ms. Khukumoni Bhuynia
Ms. Piyali Malik
Mr. Shyamal Bhuynia
Mr. Biswanath Halder
Mr. Abhimunia Bhandari