Sundarbans in crisis – ‘Banchbo’ and ‘Sodpur Club’ next door

Relief materials will be handed over to 400 distressed families at Satyadaspur and Chandmari Ghat of G Island Plot and Gangapur, Kali Bhanga Ghat of Banshyamnagar in the Patharpratima block of the devastated Sundarbans in a joint venture of 'Banchbo' and 'Sodpur Club'.

'I will live' has extended a helping hand in this endeavor Coca Cola Beverages.

Nivedita Mahila Samiti (Kanungo Park, Goriya) AWYC

Jamshedpur Forum
The following benefactors provided financial support:

Mrs. Nandita Chowdhury ₹ 4000 / –
Shri Umaranjan Bhattacharya ₹ 2000 / –
Shri Sandeepan Roy ₹ 2000 / –
Shri Pradeepta Roy ₹ 1000 / –
Shri Abhijit Majumdar ₹ 1000 / –
Mrs. Parmita Barua ₹ 1000 / –
Mrs. Sucharita Dutt ₹ 2000 / –
Shri Rajshekhar Ghosh ₹ 10,000 / –
Mrs. Chameli Chowdhury ₹ 1000 / –

A variety of relief items including new saris, lungi, towels, drinking water and food items will be distributed tomorrow. We do not believe in numbers, so we are limiting tomorrow's relief distribution to 400 families in order to get enough relief supplies to each family. We will again plan to distribute relief tomorrow if possible.

Our effort is based on the courage of the way you spontaneously stood by Ayla in 2009 and then during the last Amphan.