Many of you know her, she has guided every Home Isolation Covid patient under our special care about proper nutrition.

Eating nutritious food and staying active doesn’t just help you manage your weight; it can also boost your energy levels, enabling you to meet the demands of life with ease. Being healthy could give those who depend on you even more reasons to count on and appreciate all that you do! Taking up a physical activity like walking is an excellent way to get in shape, however if you are suffering from any chronic conditions it’s best to consult with your health care provider beforehand. Doing so will ensure that the type and amount of exercise works well for you specifically, not just anyone else! Clinical trials are the driving force of medical progress, constantly seeking innovative methods to prevent illness, detect disease early on and provide better treatments. Through such research we can also enhance quality of life for those who already suffer from chronic health conditions.

She has already given dietary advice to many of our Diamond members as our Nutrition Specialist.

Our medical team has already been enriched by the joining of Dt. Ms. Souravi Maity.

As a Dietitian and Nutritionist Dt. Ms. Souravi Maity – M.Sc Food and Nutrition (CU), Certified in CPR (USA), Diploma in Mindful Nutrition (UK) and Member of Indian Dietetic Association is attached to many clinics. She has also specialized knowledge in Geriatric Nutrition.

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