Vikashita- A Brighter Future

"Educational Project for Underpriviledged Children of Sundarban... an initiative of BANCHBO ..."

The Vikashita Educational Project of Banchbo helps a few of the millions to realize their dreams of school. Our project site Panchamer Bazar, Ramganga Road, Patharpratima, Sunderban is about 120 kms from Kolkata.Most of the families here belong to minorities and backward classes. School dropout rate is sgnificant though for last one decade it reduces sligthly for getting Kanyashree, Sabujsathi like government schemes. Average age of marriage for boys is 18 - 20 years and 16- 17 for girls. People here are mainly daily wage earners, field workers and fishermen. 70% of the family is under the BPL category.

Vikashita - a brighter future: Banchbo in Education in Sundarban 

Vikashita a school in distant part of Sundarban (Panchamer Bazar in Pathar Pratima Block) is engaged to provide education from pre-primary to primary level.Initially it was working as a supplementary school (at Indranarayanpur Sukanta-Nazrul MSK School) for a considerable period of more than one decade since 2005.  

Gradually we felt the need of a modern scientific conceptualized education from the grass root level.  Local residents also felt the same need and requested us for the same

Inaugural Ceremony of Banchbo Vikashita School has been done in new premises on 1st May 2017.  Foundation stone laying ceremony for our own building in the adjacent land is also done.  Local MLA Mr. Samir Kumar Jana and distinguish guests were present in both the occasions.

Classes in the school have been started.  There are total 40 students out of which 23 newly admitted students attending classes from Pre-Primary to class IV. The school rums at total free of cost, without taking any tution fees and cost of study materials from the students.

Our seven numbers of dedicated teachers (2 Post Graduate, 2 Graduate & 3 Secondary) lead by Mrs. Kuhu Chowdhury (MA & Persuing MBA),Mrs. Nayana Barua (BA),Mrs. Anamika Saha (BA) from Banchbo (honorary) teach the students with modern concepts, aids, flash cards etc with PPT presentation.  The school is started with meager arrangements. One Art teacher is also there to explore inner talents of ourkids.

The students are provided with books, exercise books, writing materials, geometrical instruments etc. Regular health checkups are conducted for both students and parents Specialist Camp are organisied periodically for both for students & parents. Medicines are distributed among students and their parents free. Nutritional supplements are distributed under Nutrition Program & Dresses are provided to the students. Educational stipend for deserving students to support higher studies. Recreational activities are organised regularly and students are encouraged to take active part in whatever capacity they can. Educational tours and nature camps are also conducted to teach the importance of preservation of natural resources that Sunderban offers
Colourful Puja Ride & Rating of Kolkata's Durga Puja by children of Sundarban.

For further development and improve the teaching quality and school activities generous contribution in terms of grant donation, logistic support are necessary.

Email - banchbo@gmail.com

Contact No - KUHU - 9007012490 / NAYANA - 9432069286

OUR FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vikashita.banchbo/

Our sincere thanks to BFC Forex & Financial Services Pvt Ltd for donation of Rs.219240/ to our Vikashita project of Banchbo in Education at Sundarban for the development of poor children’s education in suburbs. We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Amitava Saha,Bombay⁩- Country Head of BFC Forex for his personal initiative in this regard.